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Why Fake Cakes??

November 08, 2019

Why Fake Cakes??

Why not??
Elaborate cakes can be quite expensive these days. All the materials and time that goes into them makes it even harder to eat these works of art at times. Everyone wants to have a perfectly put together "Pinterest Worthy" party, which means the cake tends to be the centerpiece. It needs to be a decent size and look like more than a simple white cake. Using a fake cake can help you achieve the beautiful focal point, at a fraction of the cost!
Bird Parade Fake Cake
But what do they eat??
This is the easy part!
You can serve a simple (but tasty) sheet cake, cupcakes, or even just ice cream. How many times have you been to a party, or thrown a party where there is TONS of left over cake. Cake is not easy to send home with guests either!
Deer Fake Cake
What do they look like??
We have everything from plain white cakes, to wedding cakes!
There are soooooo many style of fake cakes, and we take requests for custom orders all the time! The possibility's really are endless, and you'll save so much money in the process.
Fake Wedding Cake
How long do they last??
Since our cakes are not made of fondant, nothing is perishable. That means they will last forever if your careful with them. Use them over and over, or lend it to a friend! Think about those hot summer parties, instead of worrying about your cake melting and falling over, you can have fun and enjoy the party! Our cakes are lightweight so they can be stacked on top of other cakes, or used underneath a real cake.
Fake Tutti Frutti Birthday Cake
Take a look at our shop, Confection Deception and you'll see we have cakes for ALL occasions! We also carry macarons, faux chocolates, candied apples, cake toppers, floral toppers, cupcakes, and cake stands! Everything you need to throw a party!

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