Custom Floral Topper

Custom Floral Topper


Need a custom floral topper? 
PLEASE READ ALL of the information below, and message me with answers to these questions. Do NOT purchase this listing. It is just for information reference. A custom quote will be created for you!


What style of floral topper? Top only, side topper, wrap, multiple tier toppers?
How many floral toppers?
What size cake will it be on? Height and width.
Colors and type of floral preferred?
Date of the event?
Photos of the style/floral are helpful. 

Please note....
If you have a design or style in mind, please send photos along with your request. Toppers will range from $16-$45 depending on the size, floral and the complexity of the design. 

Turn around time is typically 5-7 days. More elaborate toppers may take longer. We may also have a shop delay when there is a large volume of orders. We do offer rushed processing and rushed shipping for a separate cost. 

Toppers can be shipped all around the world, I just need all the information above to get a sipping quote.