Some items are pre-made and ready to ship, others are custom. Email us with any and all requests!


​I am very excited to be able to offer a few collaborations each month. If you are interested in collaborating for an event please fill out the form below. Please send as much information as you can on what type of cake you are looking for, as well as the size and color. It is time consuming to go back and forth to collect the information, so please only submit your application when you have all of this information ready. There is also an area to upload files. Photos of sample cakes your trying to match, mood boards, party supplies, color palettes, and sketches are always helpful.
A few things to remember with collaborations cakes. 
-All cakes WILL need to be returned.
-We do not cover shipping to you, or return shipping. We can send an invoice for the cost, or if you have a UPS or FedEx account you prefer to use we can print the label.
-Naked cakes are not included in our collaboration cakes.
-Cakes that already exist in the shop are not part of the collaboration cakes.
-None of the cakes will be in styrofoam.
-No holes may be made in the cakes. For ways to add toppers to cakes, please see our FAQ page. 
-Information on boxing and returning cakes will be emailed after conformation of collaboration, it will also be included in the box.
-If there is any damage to the cakes, you will be charged and you will no longer be able to apply for collaborations. 
-We only accept a few collaborations each month, feel free to plan ahead for these. Cakes are usually sent 7-10 days before scheduled event.
-We do require at least 5 images be sent within 20 days. These must show the cake, and be ones that we are able to post on social media sites. We understand some images get published in magazines and we can address those on a case-by-case basis. All images will have all vendors tagged in them, so please include this information when sending the photos.
-Each cake will be listed in the shop after it has been returned.
-Collaborations are for party planners, photographers, and brand reps. 
-Each collaborator is allowed no more than 2 cakes in a year.
-If you need something quicker or to keep, please see our shop. We now have a ready to ship section.