Custom Faux Boys Cake

Custom Faux Boys Cake

Need a custom faux cake?
PLEASE READ ALL of the information below, and message me with answers to these questions. DoNOT purchase this listing. It is just for information reference. A custom quote will be created for you!

How many tiers?
What size tiers?
Do you need custom floral toppers?
Do you need custom cake toppers?
Date of the event?
If you send photos, please reference the tiers/styles you'd like to make it easier to price out.

Please note....
If you have a design or style in mind, please send photos along with your request. Cakes will range from $35 and can go up to $300 depending on the amount of tiers and the complexity of the design.

We do not use fondant, but a similar material that is not food based and therefore not perishable. These cakes will all last forever if your careful with them! All cakes will have a smooth buttercream texture on the base. All cakes will have a sharper edge like the sample images, and not a rounded edge. I can make custom floral arrangements, and cake toppers.

If you need something color matched, I suggest sending a color sample by email. You can select a Pantone color or a color from any paint company. I can match these, but please know the color may look different on your screen and mine. So if you need it EXACT, a real color sample is best to match with. These can be found at any hardware store, the name can be sent after your purchase there is no rush for this.

Turn around time is typically 5-7 days. More elaborate cakes may take longer. We may also have a shop delay when there is a large volume of orders. We do offer rushed processing and rushed shipping for a separate cost.

Real cakes can be added to the top of these cakes. They are light but sturdy. If you plan to add a real cake underneath the faux cake, I can add a base to the hollow cake to help it sit flatter. We do not do cake cut outs as it limits your base materials, and it is difficult for bakery's to match the textures and colors.

Toppers can be added to cakes. There are two kinds of cakes, and they both will leave a permanent hole.
There are styrofoam cakes, these are noted in the name and are generally more expensive due to the material. There are only a few sizes of these though,see the sizes below. The other cakes are hollow. If your adding a topper for a one time event, you can make a small hole in the top of the cake. You can also glue a small piece of styrofoam to the inside top of the cake, to keep your toppers in place but usually isn't necessary. If you don't want to damage the cake, you can use a small piece of clay on the top of your cake to insert the topper into. This will keep you from adding a permanent hole.
You can add floral, greenery, sprinkles, confetti, anything you can think of to the top of your cakes to cover holes/clay bases.

Cakes can be shipped all around the world, I just need all the information above to get a sipping quote.

Cake sizes....
You are welcome to mix and match any of these sizes, or keep it uniform. Sketches can also be done, to help visualize.

Tall skinny cakes
4.75"w x 5"t
5.75"w x 5"t
6.75"w x 7"t
7.75"w x 8"t
8.75"w x 9"t

Wider shorter cakes
7.5"w x 4"t
8.5"w x 4.5"t
9.5"w x 5"t
11.5"w x 6"t
12.5"w x 7"t
13.5"t x 7.5"t

Styrofoam bases
4"w x 4"t
6"w x 4"t
8"w x 4"t
10"w x 4"t
12"w x 4"t
14"w x 4"t
6"w x 6"t
8"w x 6"t
10"w x 6"t
12"w x 6"t

Square cakes and Hexagon cakes are also available by request, as they are not always in stock.